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TEDtalk Script

Direct to consumer advertising (DTCA) of prescription drugs is legal in only two countries--New Zealand and the United States. This TEDtalk script for PRAD 575 - Communication Ethics and Law applies principles learned in class to come up with a solution for this social problem of advertising prescription medications to consumers. I argue that while DTCA is allowed under commercial speech, it should have stricter guidelines and regulations.

CommunicAID Homeless Shelter Public Relations Kit

PRAD 515 - Public Relations Writing is designed to give students an overview of the various writing techniques used within public relations. The goal is to create pieces that initiate, develop, or sustain positive relations with groups of people who can affect an organization or individual's well being. Attached is a fact sheet, press release, audio news release, and pitch letter for an fictional non-profit CommunicAID, a non-profit network that focuses on helping the poor and homeless find work and housing.

Chicago Wolves Digital Marketing Presentation

For PRAD 595 - Brand and Business Impact of Digital Media, we were tasked with finding out how the Chicago Wolves can reach the millennial audience. The Chicago Wolves are a suburban AHL team with high attendance from families, but low millennial engagement. Through research, we found that the team has an opportunity to draw in urban and suburban millennials. We looked at how data and digital engagement is transforming consumer behavior and developed the Six Pack--six ideas drawn from our research and consumer insight--to entice millennials. 

Abercrombie & Fitch Long Form Commercial

For the final project of our PRAD 553 - Introduction to Advertising course, our group had to create an advertising campaign for a struggling brand. We chose Abercrombie & Fitch. I focused on the Creative Brief and the Created Execution. With my team we created the campaign "A Brand that Fits" and I put together a fun long-form commercial that appeals to our target demo and enhances the brand image. 

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Let Go & Lead CEO Video

PRAD 595 - Leadership 2.0: Chicago CEOs, is a revamped PRAD course that analyzes the critical role leaders play in creating and leading successful organizations--and how communications are used to make them more effective leaders. Partnering with Gagen MacDonald's Let Go & Lead  campaign, we were assigned to interview a Chicago CEO. This is a video with Matt Shattock, CEO and Chairman of Beam Suntory. 

Target Case Study

PRAD 564 - Corporate Communications provides a foundational overview of the corporate communication function. In this course, my group wrote a case study which focused on the passing of a controversial bill in North Carolina and Target's response to publicize its transgender-friendly bathroom policy. This case describes the series of events that have occurred since Target’s announcement and attempts to answer a recurring question in today’s society: When should companies take sides on controversial social issues?

Coca Cola Case Study

The New York Times published an article that claimed The Coca-Cola Company was backing a new “science-based” solution to the obesity crisis that stressed the importance of exercise and downplayed the harmful effects of sugary drinks on diets. The article noted that Coca-Cola provided financial support to a new nonprofit called the Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN). Critics called GEBN a front-group for Coca-Cola’s agenda to fill the media with biased research.  This case study from PRAD 555 - Intro to Pubic Relations investigates the reactions, media coverage and fallout from the New York Times article.

Communication Law and Ethics Research Paper

For the final assignment in my PRAD 575 - Communication Ethics and Law course, we had to prepare a proposal for an agency about how to address an ethical issue. Like my TEDtalk (top row left), I addressed how the Maricich Health Agency should avoid taking on clients who advertise directly to consumers. I propose a more ethical solution.

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General Journal Blog and Newsletter

The General Journal is the annual magazine for alumni and friends of DePaul University's School of Accountancy & MIS. The issue is also available as a downloadable file. The magazine features expanded coverage of school news, an in-depth feature story, and more faculty, student and alumni profiles, in addition to the college's annual philanthropic report. My duties included interviewing faculty, alumni and students for stories and writing the majority of the newsletter. I served as editor-in-chief and worked closely with the design and printing teams. I also manage and update the WordPress site. 

Ledger & Quill Annual Report

Ledger & Quill (L&Q) is the friends and alumni giving society of the undergraduate and graduate programs at the DePaul University School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems. Established in 1972, it stands today as one of the largest accounting alumni groups in the nation, with membership numbering over 1,000. The Annual Report is a year-end magazine that features a main story followed by smaller stories about alumni, donors, students, scholarships and more. I served as the editor of the magazine, writing most of the stories and managing the production of the newsletter. 

Tempel News

Tempel News is a semiannual internal/external newsletter which is handed out to employees and retirees, used at trade shows, and mailed to new and potential customers. Tempel News is a 28-40 page magazine that features an in-depth cover story, supporting articles from locations worldwide, an introduction from the President and Chairman, and articles about the employees who are the backbone of Tempel. It is also distributed in a shorter form digitally and is translated into Spanish and Mandarin. I served as the Editor-in-Chief for the Tempel News where I pitched the overall theme and cover story for each issue to the Chairman, the Global Marketing Manager and Executive Committee. My responsibilities included soliciting content, copywriting, editing, translating, proofreading, and collating articles. 

Accuity Blueprint Newsletter

Accuity, a leading provider of data, software and services that allow organizations to maximize efficiency and facilitate compliance in their financial transactions published Blueprint. The quarterly newsletter features the latest compliance, payments and financial transaction industry news. Fun fact: Accuity is the company that assigns routing numbers to banks.

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Tempel Intranet Articles

Tempel View is the global intranet site for Tempel. In addition to managing the CMS, I generated the majority of the weekly content including a CEO blog, health and safety information, customer profiles, roundtable discussions, business updates, organizational announcements, and much more. I used The View to enhance and communicate company initiatives.

Tempel Case Studies

Storytelling is an essential element of content marketing. Tempel's case studies tell the story of how our engineering department solved some of our customer's toughest problems. 

PepsiCo Fact Sheet

As a communications consultant for PepsiCo’s multi-year SAP initiative, I designed and implemented multiple communications to articulate the organization's reasons and goals for undertaking a business process transformation initiative--including this fact sheet.

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DePaul's Business School Web Articles

DePaul University's Kellstadt Graduate School of Business is well known and highly respected in the business world. Our business programs rank high in surveys conducted by prestigious business publications and associations, and our graduates are sought after by recruiters. Our monthly website stories highlight our faculty, students, rankings/recognition, and other news and events. I also help manage the SharePoint website.

Business Exchange Magazine Article

I am one of the contributors to Business Exchange, the business college’s print and on-line alumni publication. Twice a year I am responsible for researching, writing and editing stories for both the online and print editions.

DePaul Social Media RoundUp

As the content manager for Kellstadt's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages, I am responsible for developing daily social media content and engaging with our followers. 

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Internal and External Communications

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